We made it to NyTeknik’s 33-list for the second time!

We have some amazing news to share with you all: IPercept just got featured in Ny Teknik’s 33-list for the second time in a row! This list showcases the most innovative startups in Sweden for 2023!

For the 16th year, Ny Teknik has named Sweden’s 33 best young tech companies, and we’re honored to be recognized by them for the second consecutive year. But that’s not all – we also received the event’s special prize, Teknikföretagen’s inaugural Jumpstart award. We are grateful for the recognition and are inspired to continue our innovative work. Thank you Teknikföretagen!

“Sweden is a world leader in industrial innovation. Being on NyTeknik’s 33-list once more means that we are at the forefront of maintaining this momentum.” notes our CEO, Karoly Szipka.

This achievement is all thanks to our awesome team who make our vision a reality. We also want to thank Ny Teknik and everyone who has been supporting us along the way. Explore the full list [here] of innovative companies by clicking the link below, and congratulations to all the companies making waves in tech! And a special thanks to Ny Teknik for organizing a memorable event and providing the pictures that captured its highlights.