A new level of machine efficiency: IPercept and Fooke GmbH

IPercept collaborated with FOOKE GmbH, resulting in the installation of IPercept’s Smart Device at their facility in Germany in March 2023. Fooke GmbH’s well-known 5-axis gantry milling machine, ENDURA® 715LINEAR was monitored, and IPercept’s Predictive Maintenance, Utilization Tracking, and Collision Monitoring solutions were implemented. In this article, you will learn about Fooke GmbH and IPercept, as well as a technical dive into our solutions to them and how they work. Let’s get started!

About Fooke GmbH

Fooke GmbH, based in Borken, Germany, is a globally recognized mechanical engineering company. With over a century of experience, they specialize in the production of milling machines and friction stir welding machines. Their machines are known for precision, dynamics, and reliability.

Fooke GmbH’s 5-axis gantry milling machine, ENDURA® 715LINEAR. [Image source: Fooke GmbH]

Their machines, distinguished by consistent geometric accuracy and low unscheduled downtime, are utilized in a variety of industries, including aerospace, railway, and automotive. The extensive range of accessories allows their milling machines to be adapted to almost any machining task. With a history dating back to 1904, Fooke GmbH continues to inspire and convince their customers time and again.

How the Fitness Tracker of Industrial Machines Works

IPercept’s Predictive Maintenance, Utilization Tracking, and Collision Monitoring solutions for the feed drives and spindles of the milling machine is carried out by implementing a test-cycle that can be either automatically or manually triggered. IPercept’s Smart Device can automatically detect and record data corresponding only to the test, thanks to its micrometer-accurate vibration and motion sensors and data acquisition system. As no production data is recorded, this means that cybersecurity is an important benefit of the service. The device also does not require any connection to the IT infrastructure, Wi-Fi, or the machine controller.

The service requires ten calibration tests to set-up the baseline of the machine’s mechanical systems, after which the IPercept WebApp and Dashboards are fully operational, and the insights can be delivered.

The IPercept dashboards allows users to check the data and conduct their own investigations on a subsystem and component detail level, with an overview of multiple machines. The dashboard also displays the status of the components in terms of gradual and sudden degradation. Thresholds and alarms are also provided for specific parts of the test cycle. Additional discussions and deeper insights are shared through presentations and meetings.

“Our collaboration with IPercept has been marked by mutual growth and learning. We appreciate their commitment and look forward to exploring the potential of this strategic partnership further.”, Dennis Hüning (Head of demonstration center), Fooke GmbH.

The IPercept webapp, dashboard, and its various features are continuously being improved and customized as a result of the valuable interactions with the team at Fooke GmbH.

Here’s a look at IPercept’s system architecture and a brief overview of how the system works.

Our solutions and insights enable

  • Identifying and mapping gradual and sudden wear of shafts, ball screws, spindles, bearings, etc.
  • Analyzing the root cause of errors and recommend preventive measures
  • Identifying additional factors, including gaps and lubrication issues
  • Continuous monitoring and analyzing for potential collisions
  • Monitoring machine usage and load intensity

About IPercept

The Fitness Tracker of Industrial Machines at the core, IPercept specializes in predictive maintenance and machine operational improvement solutions based around patented technology and proprietary data and algorithms.

IPercept provides actionable insights that enable data driven decision-making as well as proactive maintenance and operational strategies by leveraging our domain knowledge and experience, with solutions that can be configured to any metal cutting machine, whether old or new, standard or one-off.

We help industrial manufacturers and machine builders achieve a new level of machine efficiency and sustainability and transform the way teams collaborate and interact with machines.


The IPercept Team


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