Science Week 2023

Collaboration between academia and industry fosters innovation for a more sustainable future.

Responsible consumption and production is one of the key challenges associated with the transition to a more sustainable society. Last week, we took the stage with Magnus Wiktorsson, Professor at KTH, Erik Dahlberg, Director Research Office at Scania, Anna Sannö, Research Strategy Manager at Volvo CE, and Paula Falk, CEO at Kontaktpressning, to discuss how different actors can collaborate to ensure that sustainable production can be a competitive advantage for Swedish companies.

The panel discussion was part of the Science Week, an annual event organised by Södertälje Science Park in collaboration with KTH, Scania, AstraZeneca, the Municipality of Södertälje, and around 40 co-organizers.

Here is a short snippet from the discussion; for more information on the discussion and the full recording, click here.