IPercept Technology, June 2022 Newsletter

A very exciting half year!

We’re rapidly approaching summer and some well earned time to recharge our batteries. But to many people this is not a time to rest but rather a hectic period when much of the industry’s production machinery needs to get its annual overhaul. This year, thanks to IPercept’s services, many companies will plan and perform these maintenance activities based on a better understanding of their machines’ actual health. The investments these companies have made in Predictive Maintenance solutions are already paying off. However, this is just the very beginning of a more fundamental transformation of how we operate and maintain these valuable assets. 

The half year that has passed since I last wrote one of these newsletters has fundamentally transformed our company. Our sensors, or (machine-)fitness-trackers as we like to refer to them, are now fitted onto a wide range of complex industrial machines from north to south in our long country. We have now had commercial systems running for a year and a half. Thanks to these experiences and the close collaboration with our customers we’ve been able to improve and mature our offering immensely. We put all of our focus on R&D and managed to develop new solutions to meet our customers’ needs. Some examples are the new area of operational improvement services and advanced spindle monitoring, with many more currently in the pipeline.

Photo: Patrik Lundmark, KTH Innovation.

It’s difficult to know what other events to bring up in a summary like this but I would be at fault if I wouldn’t mention our newest sensor and the production partnership that allows us to really scale the manufacturing of these products. We’ve also entered into partnerships with IBM, AWS and Microsoft, won a range of important awards such as Catalyst from Business Sweden, Access Germany from the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, we have graduated from CDL Oxford-AI as the first Swedish company and had the honor to have His Majesty the King of Sweden visit us. It’s been a busy six months full of excitement!

Finally, no summary of this past half year can be made without also mentioning the tumultuous global events. As we’ve almost put Covid behind us a potentially even larger calamity has struck in the form of the unprovoked Russian attack on Ukraine. We encourage everyone to do what they can!


With that, we wish you all a very good midsummer and a relaxing summer break!

/ Károly Szipka, CEO

Toyota Material Handling and IPercept

Toyota Material Handling Europe, Sweden, Mjölby. Photo: Lasse Hejdenberg, Hejdlösa Bilder AB.

Through Ignite Sweden, a non profit initiative co-ordinated by SISP (Swedish Incubators & Science Parks), we had the opportunity to meet with Toyota Material Handling. This resulted in a Proof of Concept project that was started almost a year ago at their Mjölby factory. 

We managed to impress them with our ability to track mechanical degradation on a component level not seen before. This allowed them to achieve smart maintenance as well as reduce downtime and energy consumption in alignment with their ISO 50001 certification.

The POC has now been converted into a commercial service contract – a step in TMH’s continuous work towards smart maintenance and Industry 4.0 and the companies are now jointly exploring further opportunities together to build up a long-term strategic partnership. 

Deutschland – wir kommen!

Photo: Tysk-Svenska Handelskammaren.

It’s no secret that IPercept has had its eyes set on the German market already from the start. There is unfortunately not that many machine builders left in Sweden but some of the largest and most advanced ones can be found in Germany.

So, early this year, in collaboration with Stockholm Innovation & Growth, Stingthe German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce as well as a grant for a market research program awarded by Almi Innovation Sthlm, IPercept started to approach the machine builders in Germany. 

The results were very promising and IPercept has already started the work with one OEM. Now,  thanks to Business Sweden and Vinnova we will accelerate our efforts in the second half of 2022. The ambition is no less than becoming the preferred technology for a majority of all new, complex industrial machines delivered in 2025.

New Website

Our website has been relaunched – do check it out!


Meet the team

Photo: IPercept.

IPercept is growing and we’re constantly looking for new talents. Roberto Rossi and Lezly Davila are the latest additions to our fantastic product development team – very welcome onboard! Welcome also to our new board and advisors.

A number of job openings will be announced in the weeks to come – appreciate if you can help us pass this on to possible candidates!


Can we help you?

Do you need help to optimize the operation and maintenance of your valuable machinery? Then don’t hesitate to contact us at IPercept. Our experts have a track record of performing factory reviews with an eye to identify and lay down a plan that suits your needs, increases sustainability and reduces your CO2 footprint. And what is even better – this consultancy service is free of charge!