Integrated machine perception

IPercept Technology introduces plug & play automation of diagnostics and condition monitoring of industrial machinery to increase control and transparency of factories. Our technology is built on over five years of research on sensor-based testing of production machinery. Our solution provides powerful insights with utilizing high-end inertial sensor technology, a patent-pending test procedure and advanced industrial analytics algorithms.

Step 1

Simple integration

Simple integration of our plug & play IPercept Sensor Technology and IPercept-Edge into the industrial equipment

Step 2


The IPercept-Edge establishes direct 4G or 5G connection to IPercept-Cloud.

Step 3

Automated Diagnostics

The equipment is capable of implementing automated diagnostics and condition monitoring, by moving its own axis on a predefined trajectory

Step 4

Acquired Data

The acquired data from the axis motions is analyzed in the IPercept-Cloud with the application of machine learning and advanced signal processing algorithms.

Step 5


Finally, our dashboard provides diagnostics and condition insights to engage for action.

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