More control, more transparency

Less downtime, less scrap

Manufacturing companies using machine tools and industrial robots aim to:


increase overall equipment effectiveness


reduce machine downtime and reaction time for alarms


reduce the number of scraps


reduce needed rework


reduce the number of replacement components


optimize maintenance cost

We help to gain the proper insights to reach these aims, through four different levels

Scale up equipment diagnostics and condition monitoring with IPercept Technology

Plug & Play automation

Fast and simple integration assures that you can focus on what matters the most: your own machine. There is no need for highly trained specialists or manual workforce.

Powerful and fast insights

From quick abnormality tests to detailed root cause identification, we provide you insights through one clear dashboard. 

People first

While we focus on complex machines, our highest priority is to provide meaningful support to people to make the best decisions.

Expanding Value Creation

Our cloud platform and algorithms assure you continuous improvement of value creation through learning.


Our solution can be refitted to your factory without any connection to your current network or machine controller.


IPercept Technology is best tailored today for applications on any machine tool or industrial robot.

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