Our Technology

Self-diagnostics of machine tools

Self-diagnostics of industrial robots

Integrated machine perception

Our technology introduces a new patent-pending measurement method and a smart hardware in combination with machine learning for predictive maintenance of production equipment. The solution consists of 1) a software for analytics, 2) a data acquisition unit with cloud access and 3) a sensor box, which can be embedded and refitted into various production equipment, such as machine tools and industrial robots. Accelerometers and rate gyroscopes are used in the sensor box to provide updated information about degradations of crucial machine components such as ball screws, rails, trucks or for instance rotary joints.


Compared to available laser or probe based methods, the IPercept Technology is cheaper, automated, does not require regular setup, can be adopted to specifics of given production equipment, and can reduce measurement time (requiring machine downtime). The key benefits include: increased OEE, reduced machine downtime, improved maintenance strategy, reduced reaction time for alarms reduced number of scraps and needed reworks.

Periodic testing can be implemented in planned downtimes (for instance during warm-up cycles) without human intervention or supervision. With the same setup high level of measurement flexibility can be reached starting from quick checks to detailed root-cause identification.

Are you interested in to start a pilot project with us?

We are looking for pilot projects with both machine tool and industrial robot users and manufacturers. Please contact us if you are interested.